Online-Meeting, 25th to 27th of January 2021

Topicsemi-residential and day-care inpatient treatment 

Due to europe-wide travel restrictions caused by the ongoing pandemic situation, the activity of the project was conducted virtually. Based on the orientation of the lead organization Humanitarna organizacija “Zajednica Susret from Croatia, the event included the following focal points: 

– Discussion of the current situation in each country, focus of the virtual learning-teaching activity, team building activities 

– NPS in inpatient work 

– Insight into the semi-inpatient and inpatient work of the host country’s addiction facility and the other participating facilities through previously made videos 

– YouTube live streams in the form of discussion rounds on different topics regarding NPS in Europe 

– Further planning of the project with regard to the current situation and digital restructuring processes 

During the meeting, the participants were assigned to three new working groups: 

Working Group 1case studies – elaboration and discussion of practical examples from the facilities with focus on patients’ biographies. 

Working Group 2NPS survey – further processing, dissemination and evaluation of the questionnaire on NPS (aim: to determine consumption patterns and motivation) 

Working Group 3staff experiences – discussion of the NPS problem from the staff’s point of view 

Science-based work about NPS

Mia Štefanović is a young social pedagogue who is working in diagnosis and treatment young people with different behavioral problems. She found out about NPS few years ago and since then it became great interest of her. Her final thesis was about NPS. While she was writing it she researched from different researchers theoretically and now she has experience in practically work.

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New Psychoactive Substances: situation in croatia

Smilja Bagarić is working in Croatian Institute of Public Health and she has a lot of experience in work with consumers of all kinds of illegal substances. In her presentation for Handle it!, she was talking about new psychoactive substances. She divided them into legal highs, food supplements, medicines, research chemicals and designer drugs. She also talked about types of control that are used by different countries, with highlight on Croatia. Croatia adopt new generic list of drugs in 2019. More about you can hear in her presentation.

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