Aftercare programmes

Participants from the Hungarian partner organization “Megálló Group”, who work in an outpatient facility, discuss their aftercare programmes for clients who did already an inpatient therapy. They, too, are plagued with NPS difficulties. In their presentation, they discuss the therapeutic qualities that are required to encourage clients and prevent possible unnoticed, hidden relapses.

Aftercare Experiences

Amenadris Rožanković (social worker and MA Social Policy) of Humanitarna organizacija “Zajednica Susret” discusses a resocialization programme in Croatia for clients who use or abuse (illegal) substances. She introduces the “New Beginning” aftercare programmes, which teaches the clients alternative recreational activities.

Outpatient aftercare

Laura Vatrtrova works at the partner organization “Therapiesalon im Wald” and shows what is required for a successful aftercare procedure as well as the qualities required by experts for effective aftercare.