NPS und psychoses

Daniel Neto (psychiatrist and director of “SESARAM”, psychiatric service in Madeira) discusses the growing number of patients suffering from psychoses caused by NPS use.

New Psychoactive Substances: situation in madeira

Sérgio Cunha from the UCAD Madeira team (Operational Unit for Interventions on Addictive Behaviours and Dependence), discusses the on-site preventative care structure and provides insight into the national survey on drug use in the Portuguese population. He also discusses earlier initiatives against NPS as well as the current situation in Madeira.

Public service for pathological addictions

The project participants of the partner organisation “Comunità di Venezia Società Cooperativa Sociale” report on their prevention programmes and on the current situation of NPS in Italy.

NPS-Prevention in Austria

The Austrian participants discuss the NPS warning system “Check it” and how existing NPS prevention offers might be expanded.

Prevention programmes for young people

Participants from Hungary’s partner organization “Megálló Group”, who operate in an outpatient facility, discuss their various preventative offerings, such as in schools or at festivals.

NPS-Experiences and -Prevention

The participants from Germany’s “Therapieverbund Ludwigsmühle” organization report on their professional work with NPS users. Dr. Dirk Kratz (project leader and CEO of Therapieverbund Ludwigsmühle) discusses the present state of NPS prevention and treatment in Germany.

Work in prevention

Report of the partner organization “IREFREA Portugal” on nightlife prevention activities in Portugal and collaboration with other Portuguese-speaking nations. They want to reach out to young people in particular to …

prevention and treatment – two sides of the same coin

Fernando Mendes (coordinator “IREFREA Portugal”) speaks about his many years of experience in prevention work in his presentation. According to him, the prevention and treatment of addictive illnesses must have a common knowledge base and common techniques to foster mutual understanding and to further strengthen the work, including the problem of NPS use.

Presentation of the project to the Regional Secretary of Health and Civil Protection of Madeira

Dr. Pedro Ramos, Regional Secretary of Health and Civil Protection of Madeira, attended our LTTA in Madeira to inform on the NPS problem and interventions in the autonomous area of Madeira. All so-called “smartshops” selling NPS in Madeira could be closed as early as 2012. Nonetheless, Madeira still has an NPS problem, which is why Dr. Pedro Ramos supports the project to create new techniques for dealing with NPS. Dr. Dirk Kratz (Project Leader) discusses the Erasmus+ project Handle it! – from idea to implementation, and Dr. Thomas Legl talks about euro- TC’s network activity and collaboration with the Handle it!-project.