Meeting in Budapest (Hungary), 9th to 13th of March 2020

Topic: low-threshold accesses to the support and health system

The first Learning Teaching Activity of the project (according to the orientation of the lead organization Megálló Csoport Alapítvány from Hungary) included the following main points: 

 – introduction of the individual project partners and the fields of work & getting to know each other 

 – joint elaboration of the learning objectives 

 – political situation in the countries of the project partners concerning NPS (especially in the host country Hungary) 

 – NPS in low-threshold work 

 – description of the target group in the context of an exchange of experiences 

 – Getting to know the practice in the host country & the local strategies of the lead agency 

During the meeting the further work planning was built up, which was finalized at the end during a final discussion. Three target groups for low-threshold approaches with regard to NPS use were focused on: 

Party people  


Experienced users 

Subsequently, the employees were assigned to three working groups, which had the task of exchanging information and working on the topics until the next LTTA: 

Working Group 1: Establish contact with low-threshold projects in the vicinity or known low-threshold projects (consumption rooms, street work, contact stores) and ask them about their experiences and concepts with regard to the target groups. 

Working Group 2: Development of a questionnaire for clients with NPS consumption (aim: to determine consumption patterns and motivation) (quantitative) 

Working Group 3: Develop case studies on the background of use (Qualitative) 

Team Handle it

Dual diagnose in addictive care

Zsolt Petke (MD, PhD, psychiatrist, OPAI-Nyírő Hospital Addictology department, head of department, cooperative psychiatrist of Megálló) talks about dual diagnose in addictive care

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